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#KartiniMasaKini: Putri Tanjung


“I would say that creating priority list is the key of making everything possible.”


Putri Tanjung is an inspiring entrepreneur who started to pursue her dreams since young age. Organizing events was her love at first sight, that’s why she keeps expanding her current business which is Creativepreneur. Let’s be inspired by reading her stories!


  1. When did you first decide that you want to be an entrepreneur?

Social pressure and self-doubt were reasons in the beginning of my entrepreneurship journey.  When I was in junior high school, compared to other students in the class, I was a bit behind in terms of gaining excellent exam scores and good social skills. I often doubted myself and I questioned what things I was really good at. Then, to overcome such issues, I challenged myself to compete in getting leadership positions at the school.  This led me to an opportunity as a leader in organizing school events for students in the same year. I fell in love right away with I was assigned to, which became a starting point in my life to become an event organizer.


  1. What is Creativepreneur?

Creaetivepreneur Event Creator is created with the goal of producing entertaining yet inspiring world-class events for Indonesia’s young generation. We produce events in connection with entrepreneurship and creative industry in Indonesia. Such connection will also empower young people to showcase their creativity regarding business strategy in the modern world. We have created three different types of regular events that I’m very proud of, Creativepreneur Corner, Creativepreneur Talk and Creativepreneur Berjuang.  In 2018, we expand our business and create a creative agency for Indonesian companies who want to target the millennial market.



  1. How did you started it?

In 2011, two of my friends and I established our small business as party planners. El Paradiso, our party organizer, was created to channel our interest as 15-year-old teenagers who were full of creative ideas and energies. We didn’t even ask our parents to help us financially. We used the client money to start. I would never forget our very first event that was full of ups and downs. I tried to persuade my closest circle of friends to hire El Paradiso, and the opportunity finally came to our door. The event was a birthday party of one of our friends. I really gained a lot of insights from that first experience. One of the insightful things was that I could understand that hard work is needed to achieve your goals or earn money. In addition, we got more chances to organize birthdays and prom nights.

From that moment, I challenged myself even more and created my own creative event in 2014,  Creativepreneur Corner.  It is an ultimate talk show experience which involves reputable and amazing creative entrepreneurs in Indonesia to share their stories, tips and tricks in becoming successful entrepreneurs. This huge event was presented with interesting approaches and entertaining highlights that attracted many visitors. The success of this event contributed to the change of my event organizer’s name, from El Paradiso to Creativepreneur Event Creator, in the end of 2014.

One of the personal reasons to develop Creativepreneur Event Creator is to prove myself that I can stand on my own feet without my parents’ financial support. Even though the process was like a rollercoaster ride, I am very thankful that I can experience and struggle to make my dreams come true. My parents are actually people who inspire me most in becoming entrepreneurs as they also manage their own business on daily basis. They have always been next to me to give their emotional support throughout the process. I truly learn about hard work, resilience, and consistency from them.


  1. What sort of outcome are you hoping by creating talk show events hosted by Creativepreneur?

I really hope that Creativepreneur Event Creator can spread positive entrepreneurship virus, inspire many Indonesian youths and contribute to producing the future young innovators and Creative entrepreneurs of Indonesia. We want to contribute to the creative economy in Indonesia in any way we can. Creativepreneur Event Creator is also expected to be a strong platform for Indonesian youths to express ideas and creativity and to bridge them to a broader business world.



  1. What hardship do you stumble upon as a female entrepreneur? And how do you overcome it?

It is not an easy thing to become a female entrepreneur, or an entrepreneur in general. I was a teenager when I started “my baby”, Creativepreneur Event Creator. In 2014, I was underestimated and experienced a lot of pressure and rejections from countless target sponsors or working partners. They thought that Creativepreneur Corner (CPC) was a “crazy” idea and it was impossible to execute such a big event at my age. However, such challenges pushed me more to prove them that they were wrong. Fortunately, there were four main companies that finally believe in our vision and mission. I felt relieved to know that I could actually make my dreams come true.

After the event was over, I was also boosted listening to many positive feedbacks from participants coming to my event in that particular year. As a result, I can continue the journey of CPC for four consecutive years, from 2014 to 2018, in four prominent cities, Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Surabaya and Bandung. Following this successful journey, Creativepreneur Event Creator has also been given a chance to expand our business in cooperation with well-known companies, such as producing campaign targeting millennial generation, Muda Bergerak. This year, I was also trusted to be CMO of Krowd.id, a start-up company established by one of my best friends, Vidi Aldiano.

Through this process, I definitely learn that it is not an instant thing to become an entrepreneur. It needs time to overcome all the hardships, negative comments, failures and other drawbacks. I would say that such experiences make me grow as a person and as an entrepreneur. I have to keep proving myself but I’ve seen that as a very motivating thing. I personally believe that we have to believe in ourselves, to have good intentions and confidence and to transform all negativities into positive motivations.



  1. How do you deal with self-doubt?

Self-doubt can happen because of a lot of reasons. It’s a normal thing that can happen to everyone. However, when this happens, I always remind myself of why am I doing these things and focus on my goals. I realize that everything I have gone through is a learning process that is very valuable for my own development. I have to always be grateful for what I have, and I have to always challenge myself by not feeling satisfied easily.



  1. . What is your best remedy when you feel tired or down?

I would say that one of the things that I always do when I am exhausted or in my lows is going to Taman Menteng to eat rujak and martabak and have a nice chat with people there. Reading all emails or messages that give positive feedbacks can also sometimes be a mood booster. Also, spending time with my loved ones or even sleeping can definitely cure my moods.


  1. How do you keep your employees, partners, or team members motivated and keep moving?

First of all, I am proud of all my team members. I love them all. They are like a family as they support and inspire me to move forward. We are all from different generations, so I need to be socially flexible in communicating and treating them in the team. What I love most about my team is their strong sense of belongings to the events or projects and the company. I always try my best to lead by examples, fairness, and openness. I also challenge them by giving new assignments as we work and build Creativepreneur together in this modern changing world.



  1. How do you manage your working time, leisure time, and family time?

Currently, I am still studying in San Francisco. Therefore, it’s not an easy thing to manage everything. I would say that creating priority list is the key of making everything possible. By making priorities, I can make better time management. The preparation of the projects is usually done both virtually and face-to-face. Because most projects or events are conducted during my study break or holidays, I can still manage that. In addition, I also spare time for family time such as going out for dinners or taking vacations with my family members. It’s hard, and I’m still learning to juggle and manage my time.


  1. What is your favorite Puyo Desserts?

Silky Bubblegum! 🙂


  1. Say you are given a chance to speak in front of many Indonesian women. What is the most important message that you want to tell them?

It is not gender that defines us. It is hard work and resilience. Do not be afraid to dream high and express your ideas. Pursue your goals and dreams with strong focus and stay humble to everyone. I believe every person has the right to pursue dreams and be successful regardless of their gender, background, age. As Indonesian woman, we need to support and inspire each other. Make your dream come true and contribute to Indonesia to make this country even better and cooler with your presence.